Are you a P&C looking for an easy and fun way to raise money for your school?  Darklight Laser Games is here to help!
Each Saturday and Sunday from 8:30am to 10:00am we’re allowing a P&C to have exclusive use of Darklight Laser Games for only $350.
The P&C then sells tickets to the event, and everything over the amount paid to us is profit! 

How does it work?
The P&C can sell up to 35 tickets to each session, at whatever price they determine.

  1. The P&C contacts us and:

    1. Determines which date they want to play; ​

    2. Decides how they would like the sessions to run on the day (see below regarding the session options).  The option of session choice comes down to the P&C’s estimate of how many people would like to do this, and how easily they can sell the tickets, and how much their children/parents would be willing to spend.

  2. Once the date and sessions have been determined, the P&C sells tickets to the sessions (clearly noting  which date and session time each ticket is for).​

  3. In the week before the event the P&C transfers the $350 to us to confirm the event.

  4. On the day of the event a P&C member who knows what’s going on will attend to make sure everything goes smoothly, but there shouldn’t be much for them to do.

  5. That’s it! Simple!

On the day, the parents of the kids are more than welcome to sit in the café and have a coffee.

How much can the P&C make?
The amount of money the P&C makes depends upon how many sessions you decide on, and price you charge for each session.  Some examples are (assuming you sell all the tickets):

  1. You decide on the 4 sessions (normally $10) for $7 per ticket. You would make $980, less the $350 to us, making your profit $630.

  2. You decide on the 2 sessions (normally $19) for $15 per ticket. You would make $1,050, less the $350 to us, making your profit $700.

  3. You decide on the 3 sessions for $12 per ticket. You would make $1,248, less the $350 to us, making your profit $898. 

Session Options









How do we get started?
Give us a call on 9300 3700 and we can have a chat about how to best get you sorted!


*For school holiday hours, please see www.darklight.com.au/openingtimes MONDAY 12:00pm - 5:00pm TUESDAY CLOSED WEDNESDAY
12:00pm - 5:00pm THURSDAY CLOSED FRIDAY 12:00pm - LATE SATURDAY 10:00am - LATE SUNDAY 10:00am - 5:00pm

*For games after 5.00 pm, we recommend booking as if there are no bookings, we reserve the right to close.

*We’re happy to open for group bookings outside normal hours.

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